Trophy Arts is a full-service awards and recognition company.

See our 5 types of personalizing awards below, all done in house.

Laser Engraving

Trophy Arts has a 150 Watt C02 Laser Engraver with a maximum engraving area of 24" tall x 36" wide, which allows us to not only engrave beautiful awards, but small signs as well.  The high power of 150 Watts also allows us to cut acrylic, plastic and wood sheets to make custom awards!

UV Printing

Trophy Arts owns a Mimaki UFJ-7151 UV Printer, which is arguably the best on the market.  Our print size is 28" wide x 20" tall.  We use this most to reverse print acrylic awards when clients would rather have color printing on their awards vs. traditional engraving.

But we also print golf balls, seed packets, name tags, and whatever else you can dream up!

Sublimation Printing

Trophy Arts has two sublimation film printers that we use all throughout the day to print art that makes plaques, name tags, glass awards, small signs, etc.

Below to see all of the different products that can be sublimation printed.

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Rotary Engraving

Diamond drag rotary engraving provides the classic engraved look that many clients still desire today.  We keep over 20 different types of sheet metal in stock (Aluminum that engraves silver, and brass that engraves gold, in just about any basic color that you can imagine).

Deep Etch Sandblasting

Trophy Arts has the Ikonics CrystalBlast Elite Sandblasting Unit which allows us to apply beautiful deep etching to crystal awards.

Don't be fooled by the cheap online prices for crystal awards.  Most of these awards by the big sites laser engrave the crystal which leaves a faint etch and is crackled in appearance.  Noting beats the deep etched sandblasting look on crystal awards.